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Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Christian mall with our free Christian recipes forum with many excellent free cooking recipes. These free Christian recipes are delicious and inexpensive. We also have Christian shops, activities, entertainment and more.

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Welcome to Christianity Oasis COOL Member Recipes. This is our Christian recipes forum with inexpensive and delicious free Christian recipes. We also provide Christian recipes sites with free cooking recipes as well as many other types of Christian shops with Christian products, services and gift ideas awaiting you. Bon apetit !!!

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We want to thank our friend 😇 AngelWings 😇 for coming up with this awesome Christian Recipes idea to have a C-O-O-L Members Christian Recipes Cookbook.

Below are Christian recipes shared by our Christian members for this Christian recipes cookbook. Thank you to those who have shared your recipes with us all. More members and Christian recipes are being added often.

C-O-O-L Member Christian Recipes
Sorted by Recipe

Beef Recipes

Beef-n-Noodle Crockpot Style – HFlo99
Beef Stew – FluteMusic67
Beef With Broccoli and Ginger – Lani
C-O-O-L Pepper Steak
Crock Pot Pizza – Kimberly
Easy Burrito Meat Recipe – Mackenaw
Meatball Hero Sandwich – RC
Mexican Chili Cheese Burgers – RC
Salisbury Steak – Follower of Jesus
Shepherds Pie – Follower of Jesus
Slow and Low Charlie Roast – Ange
Sweet and Sour Meat Balls – Follower of Jesus
Swiss Steak – Follower of Jesus

Chicken - Turkey Recipes

Ali's Curry Chicken – SortaMorta
Baked Chicken Nuggets – SimplyBreezy
Baked Chicken With Peaches – Follower of Jesus
Catalina Cranberry Chicken – HFlo99
Chicken and Dumplings – Mackenaw
Chicken Avocado Melt – SimplyBreezy
Chicken a la King – Follower of Jesus
Chicken Fettuccini – Follower of Jesus
Chicken Fingers – RC
Chicken Soup With Noodles or Dumplings – Pine
Chicken With Mustard Sauce – Follower of Jesus
C-O-O-L Fried Chicken Strips
Country Style Barbequed Chicken – Follower of Jesus
Great Chicken Dish – Follower of Jesus
Mom's Chicken – FluteMusic67
Spicy BBQ Chicken – Follower of Jesus
Sweet and Sour Chicken – Lani
Turkey Lasagna – Daisy50

Pork Recipes

Fish and Seafood Recipes

Crawfish Etouffee – MLG1279
Crawfish Etouffee – Cajun – AngelWings
Grilled Fish Steaks – SimplyBreezy
Grilled Lobster Tail – Follower Of Jesus
Louisiana Shrimp Patties – AngelWings
Really Rich Cream of Crab Soup – Follower Of Jesus
Shrimp Creole – Follower of Jesus
Shrimp Scampi – Follower of Jesus
Thomas's Tilapia With Avocado and Tomatoe – Thomas I Believe

Italian Recipes

Casserole Recipes

Asparagus Casserole – MLG1279
Broccoli & Rice – AngelWings
Buffet Chicken Scallop – FluteMusic67
C-O-O-L Black Olive Potato Gratin
Macaroni Casserole – Kimberly
Shepherds Pie – Follower of Jesus
Spaghetti Casserole – MDBren
Tater Tot Casserole – MLG1279
Tex Mex Bake – Heather_0518

Veggie Recipes

Almond Green Beans – Pine
Asparagus casserole – MLG1279
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Cream of Broccoli Soup Recipe – Mackenaw
Broccoli & Rice – AngelWings
Country Summer Beans – Follower of Jesus
C-O-O-L Hash Browns
Picnic Veggie Squares – Lani
Rockin Greens – Lani
Stuffed Zucchini – Pine
Sweet Potato Pie – Follower of Jesus
Veggies Galore – mnjue
Wilted Spinach Salad – Thomas I Believe
Zucchini Parmesan – Follower of Jesus

Dessert Recipes

Baked Apples – Pine
Banana Cream Pie – HFlo99
Basic Yellow Cake With Fruity Touch – Pine
Butterfinger Cake – Mother Tres
Butterscotch Goodie – MLG1279
Carmel Corn – Pine
Chocolate Cheesecake – Lionhearted
Chocolate Cream Pie – Hflo
Chocolate Fudge – Pine
C-O-O-L Apple Pie
Cream Cheese Cupcakes – aka Black Bottom Cupcakes – Lani
Crunchy Pear Crumble – SimplyBreezy
Dutch Apple Bundt Cake – Follower of Jesus
Eggless Chocolate Cake – Lizzie
Fresh Strawberry Pie – SimplyBreezy
Homemade Ice cream – MLG1279
Hot Fudge Cake – Pine
Jello Pudding Cookies – Kimberly
Middle Chocolate Brownies – MotherTres
Mississippi Mudd Pie – Follower of Jesus
Mom's Homemade Raisin cake – Follower of Jesus
No Bake Cookies – Pine
Peanut Punch – Lizzie
Pie Crust – Bluefinger
Punch Bowl Cake – MotherTres
Quick'n'Easy Chocolate Mousse – SimplyBreezy
Red Velvet Cake and Frosting – MDBren
Single Serving Chocolate Brownie – SimplyBreezy
Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe – Mackenaw
Sweet Potato Pie – Follower of Jesus
Sweet, Salty Frito Candy – RC
Texas Sheet Cake – Pine
Triple-Chocolate Penuche Brownies – SimplyBreezy
Tropical Carrot Cake – Pine
Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Follower of Jesus
Wacky Cake – Perfect Love and Forgiveness
Wacky Cookies – Lani
Yum Yum – MLG1279

Salad Recipes

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