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Christianity Oasis provides you with this SON-derful Christian Paradise. Prepare to enter the world of true Christianity ... Faith, Friendship, Family, Fellowship and Fun.


You are about to sojourn into our absolutely awesome Christianity Oasis, Christian Ministry online. We, here at Christianity Oasis have been serving our Lord now for over twenty years on the Internet, by providing a Christian Haven filled with Son-sational free Christian activities, entertainment and resources for Christians and potential Christians of all ages.

You will discover a treasure trove of free Christian Books on a variety of interesting Christian topics as well as wholesome topics, both fictional and true stories. We have Christian Games and other very wholesome games for challenge seeking souls of all ages and skill levels for your kids and the kid in you. We share Christian Crafts to bring forth the creative Christian within and so many more 100% free YOU-nique Christian activities to choose from.

In addition ... We provide a massive collection of enLIGHTening Christian Walk Studies within our Christian Ministry which share how to deal with issues which constantly confront Christians on a daily basis. We also have Christian studies on every book in the Bible which is called our Daily Bread studies. These awesome Christianity Oasis studies are based on both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

But, wait ... There is even more Spiritual treasure to be discovered within our Christian Haven. For example, our guest favorite Christianity Oasis Christian Ministry Bible studies on the intriguing, exhilarating and elusive End Times. We share extremely essential, in-depth, exciting and informative (Yet, easy to understand) Biblical information on every approaching event, including the mysterious and miraculous Rapture of the Christians, as well as delving into intricate details on every horrifying end times prophecy (for those souls who choose not to believe in Jesus) which occurs during the last days, before the Return of Jesus according to multiple stunning Scriptures which can actually help prepare Christians by way of explaining End Times Prophecy.

Our Christian Haven also provides those of you who love to shop for Christian products and services, our precious Christian Mall with lovely and trusted Christian shops. Many of these Christian shops are Christian owned and operated and these fellow Christians have chosen careers within the Christian industry as to stay close to God while supporting their families, so please consider patronizing their Christian shops. Imagine ... Christians doing business with fellow Christians!

For those lost and hurting souls, whom our Heavenly Father has led here to find comfort, we have many excellent Christian Ministry Programs which will truly assist you in overcoming the trials and tribulations that Christians encounter and must endure at times. We also have many programs for the lost and troubled souls who are seeking healing and peace in a world that, at times, can bring doubt and fear into the mind and heart of even the most learned and seasoned Christians. For these precious souls, we offer our very popular and extremely effective, 100% free Christian Counseling.

Please feel free to consider our Christian Ministry as your passage to peace and your Christian haven before Heaven as it truly will become your very own Holy Spirit filled sanctuary in this vast and extremely dangerous desert wilderness, known as the Internet. Come and sojourn through our Christian Community with 100% free FUN-tastic Christian entertainment, Christian activities and resources which will truly enhance your faith while enLIGHTening your Christian walk path.

The Christianity Oasis Christian Ministry is a be-YOU-tiful Christian Haven to take shelter and rest within as to restore your weary soul. To be honest, our Christian community is quite massive and it would require substantial time and sojourning through as to be able to totally comprehend what our Heavenly Father has led you to. So, please relax, take your time and be prepared to experience the true Spirit of Christianity.

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